Part 1: The Association- Teaching the dog to associate stimuli in the environment as an opportunity for reinforcement. Also offered attention or other known cues are reinforced.

Part 2: Teaching the "Look" cue

Part 3: Putting it all Together


Exercise 1: Touch briefly, click, treat.

Exercise 2: Vary duration

Exercise 3: Incorporating grooming and veterinary equipment

  • Demo dog: Iliana, 5.5 yo, Belgian Malinios
  • Trainer: Debbie Martin
  • Treat Deliverer: Dr. Ken Martin


Desensitizing and counter-conditioning a dog to accept restraint.

Using desensitization and counter conditioning to teach a non-aggressive dog to enjoy restraint. This should not be attempted with a dog that has shown aggression with handling or restraint. A session a day for 6 days. Each session lasted 3-4 minutes.

  • Demo dog: Jazmin- 1.5 yo, Malinois
  • Trainer: Debbie Martin

Demonstration of teaching a dog to love wearing a basket muzzle.  A basket muzzle is not treatment for aggression.  Please consult with a qualified animal behavior professional prior to implementing basket muzzle training with dogs that have shown aggression.

Video 1:  Demo dog: Iliana- 2 yo, Malinois, Trainer: Ken Martin

Video 2:  Demo dog: Jazmin- 9 yo, Malinois, Trainer: Debbie Martin

Separation Anxiety

These series of videos demonstrate training independence and desensitization to owner departure cues. 

  • Demo dog: Iliana- 3 yo, Malinois
  • Trainer: Debbie Martin

Video #1: Clicker Training down stay on a mat: In this video the distance of the owner from the dog and the duration of the stay is varied. The click is given when the owner is at a distance from the dog.  The treat is tossed to reset the dog for the next repetition.  Prior to adding duration and distance the dog was taught to go to the bed on cue ("Place").

Video #2: Remote treat dispenser to reward staying on the mat: A Manners Minder (remote treat dispenser) is used to reward the dog for remaining on the mat, while the owner walks away.  The owner has a remote that controls when the machine dispenses the treat. This also disassociates the reward from the owner.

Video #3: Tethered food storage toy to help teach independence: A food stuffed toy is tethered to a fixed point by the dog's bed.  The owner is then able to gradually move away to help build independence.  The toy is tethered to prevent the dog from picking it up and following the owner.

Video #4: Remote treat dispenser to counter condition the sound of keys: Many dogs with separation anxiety start to become anxious when they perceive the owner is preparing to leave. This is an example of using a remote treat dispenser to change the meaning of and emotional response associated with the jingle of keys.

Video #5: Desensitization to Planned Departure: This is a training session to teach the dog to become comfortable with the steps leading up to an actual departure. It is a combination of the relaxed down stay on a mat with departure cues.  Safety cues (music and bed) signify to the dog that this is training.  Until the owner has progressed in training to being able to leave the dog for gradually longer periods of time, the safety cues would not be used with an actual departure.  The owner should progress in a gradual manner and the dog should remain relaxed at all times.

Foundation Behaviors

Teaching a down cue to a dog using the capturing method.

Teaching down using capturing. The cue is added once the behavior is predictable.

  • Demo dog: Jazmin- 1.5 yo, Malinois
  • Trainer: Debbie Martin

Shaping a behavior and adding a cue

Demonstration of shaping and adding a cue.

  • Demo dog: Jazmin- 1.5 yo, Malinois
  • Trainer: Debbie Martin

Fish Training

Training is not just for DOGs... Enjoy this video of training a fish with a light as a marker.

  • Demo fish: Kevin - 2 yo, African Cichlid (Red zebra)
  • Trainer: Debbie Martin